Wednesday, October 22, 2008


As determined by Lizz and the criteria committee:

Fullness: minimal patchiness, good overall face/neck coverage, fills in the blanks pretty nicely

Length: um, use a ruler

Overall: minimal patchiness, strong overall face/neck coverage, consistent color and texture, softness valued over prickly, a je ne sais quoi quality, inspires world peace, reminds you of Kenny Loggins in his good days

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Lisa S said...

I know this is maybe too late, but after readings Logan's post, I really think there should be a style element to this competition. It's not Logan's fault he can't achieve the "holy trinity of sexiness" with his beard. For those of you who haven't shaved yet, I think Monday you should have a style contest. Shave a lightning bolt into your face or have a handlebar mustache, have a mini version of bearded Shear Genious. Let's not focus on factors beyond your control. See who can make the most with what they have.